Platform of the St. Clair County Michigan Republican Party

We believe in electing representatives with high moral character, who will protect  

¨ the sanctity of life from
conception to natural death

¨ individual liberty

¨ private property

We believe in supporting our elected Republican officials, helping them fight for conservative values, in the following manner

¨ to write letters to the editor, supporting conservative legislation and officials who stand behind that legislation

¨ to contact elected officials, voice our opinion on pending legislation, and support the conservative vote

¨ to support forums that encourage dialogue between elected  Republicans and local citizens

We believe in equality under the law

We believe that free enterprise and limited taxation, together with individual initiative, have brought, and will continue to bring

¨ opportunity

¨ economic growth

¨ prosperity to our nation

We believe the Second Amendment should be firmly upheld, by all citizens and elected officials.

We believe in fiscal responsibility and eliminating unconstitutional spending.

We believe in assisting the cities and townships of St. Clair County

¨ to pass regulations and ordinances that do not infringe on our Constitutional rights

¨ to protect our borders from the infiltration of criminals into our country

¨ to keep our waterways clean and protected